Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who am I?

Hey again. Hmm, i feel like writing about something that i felt today. U see, i have this abnormalities, maybe it's in the genes i guess; im short. Ok, im not those native pygme people in the amazon, i'm 161 cm. N i just have this enviness towards suys who are even taller than me. Whn i watched mtv, i saw justin timberlake with his awesome dance moves in his video clip. Then suddenly, i felt that i wanted to be this guy on tv. Later on, i wathced Ed on starworld n da same routine happenes, i wanted to be like him too. And the list goes on. It seems that i wanted to be so many peoplein the tv, trying to have something that may in fact doesnt exist in the real world. Same went wit my bros. I don't know, maybe its my raging hormones are putting myself in a position where i have this mild identity crisis. In my readings, i found that most adolescents are facing this problem. Maybe it is a phace that we so-called-humans are destined to experienced. But there are several occasions where it went overboard and things aren't the wat it supposed to be. Hey, i once did research on how to get those couple inches and i even wanted this drug 'arginine' to make myself competent in the height market. What is up with that? Everywhere, teens are getting thinner than the lidi of the satay, trying to pursue this so called perfect body potrayed in the teles. I know its hard but sometimes we need to love ourselfs. Be grateful in what we have. Look deep inside ourselves, and we will find a beauty undescridably beautiful, more beautiful than.. errmm...beautiful! Appreciate ourselves, and we walk on this earth with confidence. (SOunds like an add aite? hihi)

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