Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Almost 11 years in the exam-oriented education introduced by da government, and at last, freedom. Though i should celebrating my independence, i felt otherwise. Don't know, but i believe it's simply... friends. Friends... they just humans, but what make them apart from other Homo Sapiens is the tie, the feeling, the bond which emerge between them with us. Sometimes i questioned myself, why do tears appear when i am about to depart with my friends but this does not happn when i am leaving someone i don't know? Simply, friends are people which you have that so-called 'connection'. Now, after leaving school, i understand what people meant when they said 'a shoulder to cry on'. Its actually hard to explain with words, its something that you need to experience first hand. After 5 years living in a boarding school, i come to an understanding that friends are people who you can share problems with, people who you could joke around with n not get hated or hit back, people you could cry and laugh with. As i look back at those 5 incredible years, indeed i love my friends, either those who are 24/7 with me or those who i just knew them by name. Yes, there are times when i got in big fights, but with friends, you somehow get over it. n sometimes i feel confused, why i felt that urge to help and care other people? Why people take care of me? There are no explaination to these questions. That's how magical friends are. Now i understand the connections between people. Now i understand why i care about people who do not have any blood relation with me and being cared back by them. Now i understand my second family. Now i understand my friends.

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