Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A feeling called love

Hey. This is my first time in this blog stuff. So, sowy for any mistakes,k ? I would like to share with u guys a very personal topic and it may bring a very special and deep meaning to some people. It's something that people might think that they have it but in reality they didn.t have the jizz of it. Actually, what i meant is the reality of relationships, courtships, and love. It took me a long time to understand a small portion of this very mysterious emotions of humans and till now i still don't fully understand it. Hmm, relationships and love. From my opinion, it is an ever thirst of human to love and be loved. Hey, we are humans. There's one saying that love is what makes the world go around. I agree wit it totally. Love is something that makes you happy when u are with that special person, what makes you remorseful when u are apart, and sometimes makes you do stupid but memorable things. Believe me, i've done stupid things a lot, but when i think back, it's a little romantic i guess. But becareful as love might be blind and it might be not the one though you feel it is. The feelings and emotions which are associated with love might be started from the looks, maybe from the personality, or many more. But personally, for me, it's that feeling inside indicates that the person is the one; a feeling that i could not put it into words and to describe it. It's a very strange feeling actually. If u like the person by his or her looks, u might end up in a very bad relationship. I'm not saying that u need to exclude the physical factors; the looks is still important, but u also need to have the 'connection of the hearts' to get the full meaning of courtships and relatonships. Oklah, i guess that's all. Maybe, i'll write some more in the future.

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regina said...

i though i have to share some idea or maybe suggestion that maybe u can just read as it entertain....
frankly i never involve in love.but i though for me love is something that we never aspect we can fall with someone or somebody... love comes when we feel more attract with a person and we never cant forget him /her...we will feel like we missing something in our live..we will attract with their personality ,looks or whatever but the sincere we know that she/he is for us...and we never find others that same as she/he..