Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Re-incarnation and rejuvenation

After a long time not since I put my last entry into my blog, so I guess this entry, to me is a new improve version of me. After a couple of weeks putting myself into solitary, my views and paradigms have been altered in a very significant change. You see, in this past few weeks, I have endured in so many intense psychological experience and I must say that this event s have change me into a person who I believed, a person of honor, virtues, meticulous, and have a very good sense of realistic and logic. Let’s just say, in simpler terms that I have been transformed into a new-improved Fathul Aizat version 3.0.You see, after a few life-altering experience, I have meet a lot of new people and seen many situations which could never be experienced neither in schools nor in a normal typical day. So, to me, I devised a very simple formula which I believe that could contribute a lot in the changing of paradigms:Readings + Inter-intra personal + First hand experience= Maturity and greatness of thinking and mentality.So, in a way, the style of my entry after this would seem like a typical newspaper and tabloid column with a 360 degrees turn and twist with more maturity wroting being instill in it.So, I hope that the series of entries posted in this blog will somehow give an insight of morality and hopefully, that this will somehow shed some light on the reformation of Malaysian mentality. Viva Malaysia.

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