Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ijok and Malaysia football

The Ijok by-election is just in the corner, and it is making headlines all over the tabloids and newspapers. Let’s just say that the one of the top 5 topics on the debate at your typical mamak stall nationwide has something to do with it. But, I am no politic observer giving out analysis and answers on rhetorical questions. It’s just that the bottles flying over the heads of supporters of the two political parties somehow projected the level of maturity of the people of Malaysia really is. I may not go into details what happen on that very day as I wasn’t there, so I believe that is ethically and morally wrong for me to elaborate more on that matter, but it’s just I am very disappointed by the actions of the supporters who acted in a uncivilized manner. But first, I would like to point out that I, myself have flaws and I’m discussing on this issue so in a long run, I hope that I could improve the thinking of Malaysians and at the same time, help myself in becoming a better person.And what caught my attention in the newspaper is the headline of Hatem Soussi, the Negeri Sembilan coach who has been allegedly accused of assaulting a fellow Negeri Sembilan supporter. And for this matter, I could elaborate more as I have been given and insight of what Malaysian football is all about; my Pak The is the manager of the team and there were a couple occasions where I had some chat with Hatem. Clearly, Hatem did not assault the fan as been proven by the footage by TV3. To me, what causes the commotion was the provocation done by the supporters towards Hatem. They insulted Hatem’s family and players, and the question is, how would you stand those kind of pressures coming in so many directions? To me, Hatem was not to be blamed and he DID NOT assault the fan. Yeah at one way, he did go over the fence, but he wasn’t attend in any way to assault him. Is just he was trying to get that so called ‘fan’ to the police.But anyways, this two event connects with each other and in a way it projected how Malaysians are. They are giving out signals to the whole world that we are not developed as we think we are. Come one, after watching Malaysian foot ball matches for a couple of weeks, you should have seen this so called ‘fans’ in action. They treated the players like crap, insulted the players in front of their parents, and the called themselves the ‘hardcore fans’. Yeah right!But this 2 events really show what Malaysians are really made of; a heartless, aggressive, hot tempered people with little respect to others. So, it’s up to you, the readers to ponder on this and make the right turns and actions. Come on, show some dignity and show the people out there who Malaysians are. Malaysia boleh, right?

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Sanza said...

you spotted it - we don't support the players, the team, our football scene enough to win with them. We call this country a football mad nation. Well i beg to differ - it is a actually an epl mad nation.

respect is what our players need. respect is what the fans should give, and of course, time as well.

nice blog anyway.