Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chasing dreams

To some, life starts at 30. To some, they understand life when they have a family to raise. To me, it's not too much to say that my life starts in March 2007. Yeah, no doubt about it. I will not go recapping the things which happen from 1/1/2007 till now but what I'm starting to realize is that life will not always go the way we want it to be. I was raised to be a systematic planning machine; constantly calculating the risk of everydays life and executing the best decisions which could benefit me and every living, breathing thing which exist around me. I believe that nothing is impossible if we really work our ass off into it. But yet, what my sweetheart was trying to convince me back in school is happening in front of my eyes as we speak.

I have dreams and i dream big; it's not your typical Miss-World-maikng-the-world-a-beter-place dreams. My dreams are based on a realistic foundation which i belive, without even a shadow of a doubt, it will happen. After so much which happen, I've decided on 3 concrete dreams which has become my constitution of my complex thinking mechanism;

1.To become a specialist in medicine
2.To have a family with the one I love so much
3.To act selflessly towards all living beings

Those are the 3 dreams which is embedded deeply in me, to an extend, has become my principals of life, and no one can ever change this. But for the other dreams and hopes that i have for myself, it may or may not happen,and i really hate this. I wanted certainty, but the future is the one thing that could not give me that. I recall one deep statement ' The expected put humans on the feet, but the unexpected changes life' and trully there's no weak points in it. The certain puts us in the comfort zone, but uncertain strips us bare naked. But that's life; easy leads to less, difficult spells more, shortcuts are fools' success and suffering is the pathway to greatness. It takes me 17 years to deduct this, and it takes me life-shattering, emotional-packed steps. I discussed all of my plans and dreams with my parents and their response are simply eye opening. They said that life as a Muslim is bounded to the Qada' and Qadar. As i am very liberal on this matter, i tend to think that life's outcomes is solely in our hands, and we have all the power and might to have it all. But my sweetheart and parents told me that yes its true, but there will be times when it will not go our way as Allah has something bigger and better for us. At first, this fact was really hard to absorb and digest, but thinking back, life works that way. But still, these very important people made me realize that though there are these uncertainties in life, we still will get what we want, through faith, preseverence and hard work. Man eventually played golf on the moon when the whole world thought that we will never even get near it. Man are living in the skies when people once thought that we will never touches the heavens. That's the beauty of dreams; they help man to achieve things which we never thought of before. With all of these assembling in my head, it shows me a clearer potrait now; whatever it is, whatever your dreams are, have faith, believe and work for it, and no matter how hard or impossible it is, your dreams and hopes will come true. Have faith.

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athirah farhana said...

i'll pray that someday u'll get what u desire...u deserve it..
just keep hope alive..