Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The end of the world? Think again

there are moments in life when we felt that God hate us n the world is crumbling down on you. Yeah, i had those times do. Actually, when u sit back and ponder, we felt this way because we choose to do so. Sounds weird aite? Yeah but its true. Actually, in life, you feel that u are a total failure coz u make urself belive that u did not achieve your goals and dreams, and in reality, those goals and dreams are set by ourselves. From my personal experience, i was once a perfectionist; i wanted perfection. At first, it helped me a lot, but when i reached the peak of my achievements, it made me push mysely to the edge. urging me to work harder n harder eventhough ive reached my limit. So in the end i succumbed to things which would destroy your very life. Then, my father thought me sumthng very valuable,; the sense of gratefulness. He told me that if u think that u suffer, stop for a while and try to imagine those people who aren't fortunate enough to have a decent meal, who are not able to get a proper education, who lost their loved ones, who are terminally ill and waiting for his or her death. It hit me straight in the heart. Who am i to say that i suffer when there are a lot, i mean A LOT of people who suffered worst than me. N my dad told me... if u feel u didn't get what u wntd the most in present time, think back what do u want to achive in life. Is it the no of a's, a degree, an ipod? Or is it a family filled with luv and care, happiness, and our final destination? But don't get me wrong. Achieving materialism is important, but never neglect those simple things in life which could make life much.. i mean much more meaningful to you. So, if u say that ur life is miserable n its the end of ur life, ask urself it?

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