Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank you

I really appreciate and applaud those who have spent their time in reading what I assume as my down-to-earth entries, may it be heart-warming praises or harsh criticism. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to those who could give me different ideas than mine, in which I could reflect on an issue in different point of views.

As a response to comments by an anonymous reader, I must say that I respect the person’s opinions and realism. I would say that our upbringings and environments have moulded us in different casts and shapes. One being a pragmatist, and another being an idealist. I have to say that there is a thin fine line that separates idealistic values and reality. And to some, they would take a very pessimistic view on issues which involve collective interest. I believe that the world is in its current sinister and ill state due to the fact that its residents have given up on the values that make us human, and one which I feel constantly being eroded is faith. I truly understand that we need to take a realistic approach on solving issues, but it takes believing in kick-starting this momentous effort. If we do not open up to new ideas and opinions, and instead taking up old-school stand with the excuse of being ‘realistic’, creativity and change which we are in dire need of, will seize to exist. Every change starts with believing ( and I’m not implying day dreaming).

And of course, unity might not be the be-all solution, but at least it is a start rather than whining and ‘silently criticizing’ at mamak stalls and see our nation crumbles!! ;) But thanks for your comments. I love them!!!