Friday, June 26, 2009

Mind your own business, Republican strategist guy!

When i turned on my Pocketwit on my pocket pc, a thread of news on the iranian post-election fall out has been pouring in by CNN, as if the world stood still and there were no other story to be covered. I turned on the tele and channeled in to CNN to see what all the commotion is all about. On the screen was this Republican strategy analyst who was blasting President Obama for not taking a more "aggrasive stand" on this issue, and suggested that its allies are demanding for more action from the president. I was just compelled and disgusted by his remarks and suggestions of wanting America and the UN to impose economic sanctions on Iran, which clearly has failed to meet its purpose of pressuring Iran in the past. If he was trully an "analyst", he must know better that Iran has survived, in fact thrived from one sacntions to another. But the most important is that he must acknowledged that Iran is a sovereign country, and no country can budged its nose into its internal affair. Let them resolve their own problems. From my stand point, i see him as an opportunist neo-con who sees the current development in Iran as a chance for them to continue with their imperialist agenda. Some might say that the situation will detiorate even more if they don't intervene, justifying by the increase number of suicide bombers and the the ever-growing threat of a civil war brewing in Iraq as the dateline of US troops withdrawal came closer. To me, all these violence has been initated by the US themselves, who invaded Iraq on the pretext of "spreading democracy and liberating the people of Iraq". No doubt that Saddam Hussein was not popular among its people and seen as a dictator, but at least its people has seen better development and prosperity relative to the suffering which is on the surge present. Now, the president is withdrawing his troops, leaving Iraq in a very dire state. I'm not insisting US troops to remain in the country, but it is my hope that they have laid down a more proper, extensive, and systematic plan to empower the government and cultivate unity among its people, cleaning up the mess that they have started, as done by the British to its colonies, so that the country is left peaceful. Well, who am i to mend this broken world. I am a mere citizen of the world, just wanting to see the world a more peaceful place to leave in (if that is still possible). And I believe it is.

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