Friday, December 5, 2008


Alast, i am now able to blog with an emotional soundness i needed after months of literally struggling and wrangling with my EEs, IAs, uni application, and exams. Actually, i am currently sranded in LCCT while i'm keying in this post, and i'm writting just to kill the 12 hours of waiting for my flight back home to Kuantan. Thinking that i might not be able to get here in time if i start moving in the morning, i've decided on spending the night here, and indulge myself with hours of total borringness and emptiness. Well, at least they have internet connection and power points that i can plug onto to keep myslef cyberly occupied....


Syamill Budak Engine said...

just say Alhamdullillah!!

FaTiN said...

hi..just droppin' by..

::Aliffadhol:: said...

how r u ??
ni aku ni afdhal..