Saturday, July 5, 2008

Terrorist or freedom fighter?

Feeling so worn out after maths tutorial, I decided to go for an evening jog and coincidentally, a friend (the name is disclosed) was also on the track. But with a sudden buttock ache straining my hamstring, the evening turned into just a stroll around the college. There were so many things that we talked about, and somehow end up with the issues of hypocrites. You see, it’s hard to believe but in reality, KMB has produced a lot of thinkers and professionals who put Islam as their core in their decisions and actions. In a way its good, but Ali was dissatisfied with a group of girls, who “dressed and talked with high religious values” but there are certain times, where they don’t really portray their beliefs and what they spoke of, to a point that they labeled them as extremist. Knowing that he is brought up in a more secular community and family, I understand that it would be difficult to accept a group of individuals who seemed to be the opposite of him. It is actually a battle between two values and ideas; in one corner is a KL guy who socializes a lot and the other corner is an usrah-attending girls who speak of Islam in almost everything.
In a way, I do feel that I am in the same camp as him, having brought up with a different and unconventional view of life by my parents. But in a way, I disagree with him on the point that he labeled the girls as an extremist. To me, there is no such thing as an ‘Islamic Extremism” and somehow the Law of Excluded Middle implies in this matter.(TOK). It is a distinct choice; Islam or not Islam. My dad once told me that there will be an array of views in an issue and confusion might set in. In this situation, my dad said, just go back to basics; the Quran and Sunah. At the same time, we also need to put into consideration the environment that we all are brought up in. Each and every one of us have different views of Islam, and I can’t comment much as there is still a lot for me to learn about it. To the girls, they might see Islam as they see it, and I see it in a different way. Nevertheless, the underlying fundamental concept is still the same; we believe in the same One God who created the heavens and the earth and all its pillars which universally unites us under the one Deen. I feel that everyone has a right to have an opinion, and at the same time they also have the right to inform and explain to people what they believe with grace and wisdom. If this two are embraced and practiced, I am sure that we will be more exposed to different views and opinions which could advocate a more mature thinking and decisions. It might seemed individualistic, but the way I see it, everyone has the right to do anything that they want to do, and he or she is entitled to his or her actions, but we have to inform and address them on the things which we believe is right, hopefully it could help in the search of truth. Well, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. So the question is which one is the truth?


zulaikhazainol said...

Why break Islam into smaller pieces and decide on our own for which part to follow? Accept it as a whole,but that doesn't mean those who do so are extremist aite?
Yeah, agree with u mr. pres.

adlan wafi said...

I don't think it's about breaking Islam into smaller pieces but actually it's about going for the path which we truly understand. We've already understand the core principles of Islam. It' just the matter of applying or practicing it in our daily lives.

We have the 4 mazhabs already but we don't hear about people fighting over which mazhab is right. Wallahhualam...

njh said...

the concept that people cant seem to grasp, is that Islam is indeed everything. it regards everything we do, everything we think about.

sometimes it aint hypocrisy, just a mere absence of awareness. in simple words, they forgot. doesnt 'insan' come from 'forget'? this is the time we remind them.

dakwah when translated literally means 'telling', with hikmah. that's what we should do, not force, not scream, not shout, not degrade, not insult. when it's other than 'telling', then it will trigger misunderstandings regarding the initial design. thats when the extremism comes in.

regardless of religious background, what's essential is liberating one's mind to accept and embrace one another the way they are. everyone's equal, remember.

petite girl said...


for the ones who hav it

iman ka said...

kata the name is disclosed, apparently the 'name' is later discovered in the following paragraphs:P

and yeah, i saw you guys having that conversation.

regarding any comments on the post, that i have nothing to say.

zoohere said...

this topic was brought up in a lot of conversations with the guys. nothing surprising for me. its true though.

Rhazes said...

hey buddy
do add me at your link

mr jones said...

talking bout ppl here who are full of themselves here...some of u (not all)

Anonymous said...


gemar saya gunakan bahasa melayu (ataupun "rojak").bukan tidak gemar gunakn bahasa inggeris.:)

sedang google untuk artikel dan ternampak blog ini dengan tajuk artikel nya membawa saya untuk buka.dan terkejut sebab rasa nya pernah dengar nama anda dahulu ketika di MRSM.barangkali benar,barangkali tidak.

berbalik kepada tulisan ini,apa yang anda katakan benar.tetapi pertembungan antara nilai itu sebenarnya macam mana?nilai apa yg membezakan kawan anda dengan saudara2 perempuan berusrah itu..kita menganut Islam yg sama sebagai akidah tetapi pelik bukan,sistem yg kita amalkan x sama.seperti post anda terdahulu menyatakan yang Islam itu "way of life" maka sewajarnya ia dizahirkan dalam bentuk yang wajar.sebagai jalan hidup.maka sewajarnya sistem hidup yg di amalkan saudara2 perempuan itu sama dengan apa yg diamalkan oleh sahabat anda itu kalau benarlah Islam ini dilaungkan sebagai jalan hidup.sekurang2 nya pada sistem.ya'ni bagaimana dia berakhlak,berperibadi dan bersikap serta beramal.

kita kembali kepada sirah nabi sebagai ibrah.sahabat baginda punya sistem kehidupan yg sama dan serupa.walaupun cara mereka berbeza dan pendapat mereka kadang2 berbeza..tapi fundamental mereka terhadap kehidupan dan kefahaman yg jelas terhadap Islam itu sama.

kita dibesarkan dan diacu dalam sistem yg bukan Islam tetapi dalam aqidah Islam.itupun mungkin tidak cukup jelas sama ada kita benar fahami shahadah yg menjadi paksi kepada akidah kita.

maka disitulah terjadinya pertembungan bilamana sebuah nilai (yg diubah dari sistem yg bukan Islam kepada sistem Islam) dengan sistem asal yg kita dibesarkan.

kerna kebatilan dan haq itu x kan pernah bercampur..sebab fitrah hati akan sentiasa menolak yg bukan haq..akan sentiasa menolak kebatilan.sama seperti berdating dimulakan dengan baca bismillah. ( tentu hati meronta rasa bersalah:) ) sama juga seperti nafsu menolak yg haq.cuma nya bilamana akal dan kefahaman hati mampu menguasai nafsu,maka nafsu akan tunduk dan patuh.

maka tentulah satu perkara yg berbeza dengan diri mereka dilihat sebagai ekstrim.orang yg tidak bertudung dilihat sebagai muslim moderate,tetapi orang yg brtudung labuh sbagai ekstrim..terfikir juga,kalau zaman nabi dulu,yg x pakai tudung atau cuma pakai skirt dan dia seorang muslim,tentu dia juga dilabel sebagai ekstrim bukan??

kini Islam kembali sebagai ghuraba(strangers)...dan mereka yg mahu cuba mengamalkan Islam secara sempurna dalam kefahaman yg jelas adalah ghuraba itu..kerna itu jugalah ia dilihat sebagai satu perkara yg ekstrim.

mungkin ada kesilpan cara dalam marhalah da`wah yg dibawa oleh saudara2 perempuan itu.tetapi itu bukan bermakna mereka ekstrim.cuma cara nya tidak menepati dakwah fardhiah..dan plng pnting x mnpati bilhikmah wa mauizatul hasanah.maka itulah kadang2 timbul fitnah..bukan pada diri da`ie itu sahaja,tapi juga kepada dakwah dan tarbiyah yg dibawanya.dan lebih teruk lagi kepada Islam.maka bersikaplah kepada manusia sebagaimana wajar kita bersikap dengan Allah..

kata2 hassan al banna wajar dijadikan panduan: mereka mencalonkan mu untuk sesuatu perkara.seandainya kamu memahaminya,maka jagalah dirimu dari hal2 yg hina..

.tapi bukan saya untuk menghukum kerna kita ini daie bukan hakim(nahnua dua`t la qudat)..

menulis hanya kerna tertarik atas apa yang saudara bincangkan.semoga apa saya tulis sbagai tarbiyah dalam paksi sebuah perbincangan mencari kebenaran..