Friday, May 23, 2008

A sudden change of hearts

Hey there my fellow friends. Its been quite some time since the last time i updated my blog, and now, I have the time, means, and the mood to write my heart out on my blog. I have been seriously and heavly occupied by assignments, projects, problems, exams, and so many side dishes that even being able to sit in front of the laptop would be heaven. There were so many things that happen for the past couple of months, which I personally believe it is worth to be shared with all of you. I don’t know to what extend it will entertain you, but I for one, believe that the things that happen to me has their own hikmahs and I hope it could inspire you as how it has inspire me so much. And now, I see the world as a spherical clouds with silver and golden linings.
Every student who is under a scholarship knows very well that they are bounded to the terms and contracts set by their sponsors. I for one am no exception; MARA will be spending more that RM 1.5 million on me so that I’ll become a certified doctor and contribute to the GDP in Malaysia’s labour force. But a week before my Economics paper, I somehow ended up with a question that every medical students dread so much; why should I become a doctor? Don’t worry, I am not regretting to take up medicine and im not being boastful and all-proud of my Allah-given abilities, it’s just that I believe that my potential can be put to better use rather that wasting on just becoming a normal, stereotypical doctor in a cubicle, repeating the same old routine each day, succumbing yourself to a life of a social outcast. I don’t mean to offend the very people who have dedicated their lives in this noble profession, but it’s just that I see doctors can reach further and do more to the community and the world rather that the things that they are doing now. I feel that this people have spent a large portion of their lives learning and understanding the greatest knowledge of all; the miracles of man’s creation, and they should be more than just doctors. They are destined to be world shakers. Still, I don’t have even the slightest intention of downgrading other professions and I believe that they are as important to the community and to the country.
After being given the chance to address to an international crowd on heavy issues, and organizing programmes on an international scale, I have found that my passion lies in making people more aware of the surroundings and the issues which are shaping the world everywhere. There are so many things going on all around us, but it’s a disappointment to know that the people who have the privilege of having food in their plates more than 3 times a day don’t give a damn about those people living in famine and poverty. Darfur, Palestine, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and the list just goes on. I know that becoming just a doctor would not help this people, so I need to do more, much more. Realistic enough, countering development and social issues would sound as if it came out of a Brother Grimm’s fairy tales, but dreams do come true and to tell you the truth, I still don’t know which path should I take which could lead me to achieving my cause. But despite it all, I know I can do it. And to my fellow friends out there, I for one have the upmost confidence that you all also have the potential and the ability to change the world. It might be a long, winding, and treacherous road, but it is never impossible. If you are to become an engineer, don’t become ‘just an engineer’, but ‘The Engineer’. If you opt to become an accountant, don’t just become an accountant but be ‘the Accountant’. And to future doctors, be ‘The Doctor’.

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