Saturday, May 24, 2008

A holiday which is not a holiday at all

It's the holidays, but it doesn't feel like one. These are a few of the long list of things i need to do in the 3 weeks whichsupposed to be my semester break.

1. World Literature Assignment 's First Draft

2. Establishing RQ for Extended Essay

3. Personal statement for university placement

4. Internal Assesment for Economics

5.Analysing some Malay Literature




and the list continues

Hey.. That's IB!!!


zulaikhazainol said...

right you are!
this is IB!!=P

majin said...

dude, I know that this is out of topic but I really hope that you guyz MPP have the sports carnival on your planner for next semester.

Anonymous said...

so busy....dont give up no matter whut..

Anonymous said...

iam going to register at kmb this 24..
oh snap..
is that IB?
hopefully i can survive there

-ur junior